„Wer nicht erfindet, verschwindet – wer nicht patentiert, verliert!“

                                                                                                          Erich Otto Häußer

Development of innovative products ought to be accompanied by appropriate protection in order to be able to also reap commercial success from one’s efforts in the areas of research & development, marketing, and product design. That is why, nowadays, the industrial property rights consisting of patent and utility model law, trademark law and design patent law (design protection) are just as essential for innovative and successful companies as the products themselves; after all, it is important to prevent imitations being made in these areas and to safeguard one’s own technical and entrepreneurial edge. In addition, in the case of technical developments, employee invention law must generally be observed. These issues are covered by the work of a patent attorney, who supports his clients from the idea through to the attainment, use and enforcement of the industrial property rights [Area of work]. This work results in these and other services, which are offered by a patent attorney either on their own or in collaboration with e.g. lawyers [Services].

What makes a patent attorney special?

A patent attorney is an engineer or scientist with practical professional experience in his technical or scientific field. He speaks the language of the inventor.

A patent attorney is also a lawyer in the area of industrial property protection. He speaks the language of lawyers, official departments and courts.

This unique combination of specialist areas means that the patent attorney is an ‘interpreter’ between these groups of people and a valuable consultant for innovative companies.

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The patent attorneys’ office Hannover IP – Patentanwalt [Patent attorney] Dr.-Ing. Christian Holz is set up as follows..

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